Thursday, 19 January 2012

Embracing your Imperfections

The muffin top that does look too good with jeans
The short thin hair that never grew.
The big nose.
The sticky outty ears.
For me it was the gappy teeth which were just a little too gappy for my liking.

We all have things we don’t like about ourselves and there are many ways of altering the way we look to suite our preferences. My option was getting braces.
I have always been a big smiler; whenever the camera came out, I would bring out my bad boy grin. I was never ‘uncomfortable’ with my teeth but I wanted them to be perfect.
To be honest, they really aren’t that bad at all! I’ve got gappy teeth but you only notice them if you look close and because my teeth are fairly straight, they look pretty ordinary. For me however, having gappy teeth was annoying.
I remember being in year 9 and all my friends were either getting braces put on or having them taken off to reveal their new perfect smiles. In my friendship circle, I was the only one who wasn’t getting braces and I really wanted them because I thought they would close up my gaps.  I asked my parents if we could go to the orthodontics and they got me an appointment booked. After being checked out, the orthodontist sat down with me and my parents and told me that my teeth were perfectly fine. I was devastated. He said that they were a little bit gappy but nothing to extravagant therefore if I was to get braces I would have to get them done privately and pay £3,600 since they were not a NHS priority. My parents said to me they would pay for me to get them if I really wanted them but I needed to think about it. After thinking about where or not it was necessary to get braces, I decided I would much rather keep my gappy teeth than ask my parents to fork out £3,600 and I am so glad I made that decision! 4 years on and I love my teeth!
I have realised that our imperfections make us who we are and if everyone looked the same, it would just be boring! I have grown to love my teeth and I’m so happy that they are not ‘perfect’!
I think that rather than trying to fix things about ourselves for cosmetic reasons, we should all just learn to love ourselves and make 2012 the year of embracing our imperfections.

Lots of Love



  1. I definitely agree, embracing our imperfections is healthy! My biggest one big butt :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Also, I heard that girls in London have been having gaps filed in their teeth because it's such a cute look. SO you're totally ahead of the game!

  2. Yes you are so right! You embrace that butt of yours and own it! :-) Gaps filed in their teeth? Oh, that’s a new one! Ha, yes I’m way ahead lol! Thanks for checking out my post :-)xo